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Amanita - a remedy for a thousand diseases!

Amanita is one of the most famous shamanic plants. Its mystical properties were studied by the sages of antiquity and were widely used in the territory of Siberia.

Doctors about the benefits of fly agaric


Phytotherapist T.V. Makeenko

Over the years of my practice, I have seen not so many truly effective remedies that could cure such a huge number of diseases as fly agaric. He is able to cure diseases of the respiratory tract, skin, cure diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, muscles and joints, even in the intimate sphere he is the best helper!

Phytotherapist Osipova E.N.

I myself was pleasantly surprised to learn about the beneficial properties of the fly agaric, its antibiotic, antitumor, analgesic effect. Now I often use it not only for medicinal but also for cosmetic purposes.


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